Sustainability stands at the top of the leadership agenda of Euro GAS. We believe that it is our duty to build a better world for the next generations, especially in the regions where we have business activities. Likewise, it is for us important that our partners are in alignment with us about sustainability.

Our strategy is to increase employment with the focus on the local youth. With this we are always considering and protecting the environment to make a contribution to a brighter future for the society.

  • Community

    Euro GAS has important roles and responsibilities when it comes to society and contributing to the communities we operate in. That’s why we are committed to comply with all environmental laws and regulations in every country where we are operating. Moreover, we are always thinking about how we can improve the current situations of the […]

  • Employment

    The employment of the youth is very important for the welfare of a country. That is why we are always trying to develop a project together with the local people and local institutions. It is important to involve the local youth in the development of a country since it is a fact that the youth […]

  • Environment

    We are all together responsible for the world we are leaving behind for the next generations, and Euro GAS is well aware of that. That is why we are operating in a manner with the lowest impact on the environment.