Euro GAS supplies Aerosol propellants for all your Aerosol application requirements. The Aerosol propellants of Euro GAS are High Purity Hydrocarbons, and are based on deodourized propane, iso-butane and n-butane, and mixtures of these components.

We are able to produce any pressure between 1,2 bar and 7 bar (at 20 °C) and we are delivering  custom made mixtures of propellants to each client, with consistent quality and excellent odour as basic principle.  Euro GAS supplies Aerosol propellants to many clients in the European and the International market.

Our Aerosol propellants are particularly suitable for cosmetic Aerosols applications (Deodorants,  Shaving Creams, Hairspray) but can also be used for other applications, such as paints, furniture folish, automtive spray, and as blowing agent.